How quickly you can you register a company?

To answer this question we must know if this company will be registered by a natural or legal person. The procedure starts with booking a unique name of a company going through the preparation of necessary documents and notarization of several of them, opening a capital account of the Company and payment of the authorized capital, payment of stamp duty and registration of the company in the Commercial Register on Registry at the Ministry of Justice. It takes 7 to 10 days.

We can also make an express registration of a company, but it requires the active involvement of the customer and will take 2 to 4 days.

Can a company be registered in Bulgaria by a foreign natural person without his/her physical presence in the country?

Yes, it is possible that after a notary and Apostille certification of certain documents have been made at the location of the person.

What is the cost of the service cost for registration of company for a Bulgarian and for a foreign person?

The price is the same and is determined by several conditions: 1. Whether the registrant is an individual or company legal. 2. Whether the documents will be processed in the absence of the applicant. 3 Whether there will be authorizing the person to a third party, ie without the direct participation of the registrant, etc. To answer specifically, please make an inquiry.

What does subscription accounting service cover as a commitment?

We sign a contract with each of our clients to incorporate an actual registered accounting to determine your tax and social security obligations and, if necessary, to defend them to the relevant governmental institutions. This should be done under the accounting rules, by means of specialized accounting software and meeting the legislation in force to the date of processing the registrant data. In Section III of Article 5 of the Agreement it is said when the agreement is considered to be executed: after submission of your annual report, references of VAT returns, VIES and Intrastat, payroll or pay slips and summaries on items due to contributions payment orders for the payment of social security contributions due under paragraphs, references to staff and records, annual Tax Returns under Article 92 of the Corporate Income Tax and Annual Tax Returns in Article 50 of the Income Tax Act of individuals / the partners / , as well ongoing consultation on the subject of the Agreement, consistent with the technological time necessary for its preparation when certain managing decisions are to be taken. In the event that these materials have been made the agreement shall be considered fulfilled. According to Article 34 paragraph 2 of the Accounancy Act the specialized Accounting Enterprise Co. CONSULT acts as the accountant of your company. By express authorization and through our universal electronic signature we represent you basically to the National Revenue Agency. We represent you before the National Statistical Institute - the obligation of submission of the annual report and preparing Intrastat declarations or your involvement in the so-called "Representative sample", the current trackingof the performance of the company during the year before the Labour Inspectorate in conducting ongoing investigations with the introduction of labor contracts, payroll / slips / salary and protect the basic and additional charges on salaries of employees in your company at the National Insurance Institute for the preparation of the Retirement certificates / 1 UP-UP-UP-2 3 /. In accordance with the subject of the contract, you will be regularly informed of your obligations under the rules of law to comply with legal business requirements.

What is the price of subscription accounting?

The price for each customer is individual and shall be determined by the following criteria:

  • - The sector you work in - trade, services and / or production;
  • - Applicable accounting standards - National Financial Reporting Standards for Small and Medium Enterprises or IFRS international accounting standards;
  • - Need for consolidation of accounts;
  • - Foreign participation;
  • - VAT registration and / or EDTWA;
  • - Intra-Community supplies and / or acquisitions within the European Economic Community;
  • - Transactions with countries outside the EEA;
  • - Will the service include payroll processing?;
  • - Document turnover - number of revenue and expense invoices;
  • - Number of bank accounts;
  • - Number of shopping units and cash registers;
  • - Number of staff;
  • - Concluded labor and civil contracts;
  • - Workers on contracts for management and control;
  • - Number of self-employed.

Contact us by giving your answer in each criterion and we will offer you a specific price, tailored to the market for these services.

What are you - accounting firm, law firm or company brokering?

We are a consulting company that provides accounting, legal and business services. Our experience has proven us this is the optimal configuration for our customers. Thus we are more responsible and effective in their favour.

Does use of separate types of services bind us with the comprehensive services you offer?

Of course not, unless we have earned the confidence and you are not convinced of the need to do so. You can check our quality and resourcefulness assigning us with whichever one of our services you chose.

When assigning trust is there a risk the customer can be misled?

No, because of the fact that we have established a two-tier control system to ensure that interests of the client remained non-impaired. Confidentiality and storage of information available are an indispensable element of any of the services offered. We have taken steps to protect it.

Well, you can register a company with a capital of only BGN 2?

Yes, it is true. According to current Trade law in the Republic of Bulgaria, the minimum capital requirement for registration of a company is two lev. Minimum share of that capital is one lev.

Can you ensure a smooth and timely communication, so do not worry about the fact that I have chosen the services of an external accounting firm to own individual accountant?

In today's internet world, with clearly defined obligations under the contract there is no cause for such fears. We have created an organization where you will have a personal consultant / accountant, whom you can contact with anytime. We will not make you stand in line to request a wish or as common practice in government agencies is to collect your fee for certain of our actions.

Do I have to keep track of the adminsitrative deadlines once I have assigned you with a certain range of services?

No, you don't. It is we who shall be responsible for this. For the rest of your liabilities we will inform you about your obligations under the law and their deadlines to adhere to.

Do you do the VAT registration and deregistration to companies and individuals?

Yes, we do, for all types governed by the Act of value added tax.

Do you do recruitment, preparation of personnel files and conclusion of various contracts with persons engaged in activities that benefit the customer?

Shaping labor relations of employer and employee as well as any other contractual terms of the Law on Obligations and Contracts are our priority with the so called treating of human resources and payroll. The Labour Code and other legislation regulating labor relations are quite "delicate" and complex matter, which regulates one of the main relationship in our society, that of employer and employees. We will take a care to protect the interests of both parties, as it is regulated by the Labour Code, based on the specifics of your business.

What more could you offer on the basis of preparation of accountability?

Accountability itself aims at reporting of various objects and creating the possibility for making management decisions. In modern times it seems as if the settlement of the public obligations prevail, in terms of the primary purpose of accountability. A well organized and structured reporting may allow you to take a look at your business from another view to give you the correct basis for the correct management decision. We can offer analysis and optimization of your production or goods nomenclature to maximize your profits. Something subject to mathematical modeling that can be described with the "dry" language of numbers. Optimization problem can be dealt with at various criteria. For example, the optimization of the cost structure at a fixed / set / financial result.

Do you assist with raising funds?

Our assistance with rasing funds deals with the making of a professional business plan, consistent with the specific criteria of the potential lender, with which to apply to the project.

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